System for recovering water from paint sludge

The PRE series consists of units that allow almost complete recovery of water from paint sludge. Its efficiency, simple design, uninvolving operation, and almost cost-free use make it perfect for most industrial paint shops. The system is available in two variants compatible with our sludge baskets.

PRE Series

How does the PRE system work?

During the process of cleaning water from a spray booth, the created sludge is collected in a big-bag placed in a dedicated bin. This bag is made of a fabric that allows water to pass through and traps the sludge – in a way, it acts as a large filter. Once the bag has been filled, it is tied up and, together with this basket, placed inside the PRE unit. There, during operation, a pneumatic cylinder exerts uniform pressure on the sludge with great force, removing excess water from it. The recovered water either returns to the circuit by gravity or is transported by means of a pump. Once the sludge pressing is complete, the bag is removed from the basket using a forklift. The minimum cycle duration is 4 hours, but for best results we recommend extending the cycle to over than ten hours.

A version to work in the Ex II zone can also be manufactured on request.

The degree of sludge weight reduction is usually in the range of 30-70%, but it depends on a number of different factors. This is the reason why we start the discussions about the PRE system with a technical consultation and why we take samples from a given system. We subject these samples to tests simulating the actual process which allows us to determine the amount of recoverable water. This step is necessary in order to make a decision on the implementation of a PRE system. Contact us and during a short conversation we will determine if there is any way that we can support your paint shop.


Contact us and during a short conversation we will determine if there is any way that we can support your paint shop.

Scope of cooperation

What we offer during the free workshop?

Customer engagement and CHEMIFOR

01 — 04

Technical audit

We will verify the technical conditions, collect data for analysis, and take samples for testing.

CHEMIFOR’s commitment

02 — 04

Sample testing

We will carry out tests, as a result of which we will determine the expected degree of reduction in the waste weight.

CHEMIFOR’s commitment

03 — 04

Design adaptation

We will adapt the design to the requirements of a specific application and valuate its implementation.

CHEMIFOR’s commitment

04 — 04

Implementation simulation

We will juxtapose the cost of implementing a PRE system with the benefits of using it.

Customer decision

05 — 05


We will provide you with the conclusions and data alowing you to make a decision that benefits your business.

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Write us and we will call you back within 24 hours. During a short conversation we will get to know your initial needs and answer any questions you may have. We will then schedule a date for a free workshop, after which we will present our findings and proposals. Finally, based on the received information, you will make a decision that benefits your business.


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